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Jushi Group Co., Ltd is located in Tongxiang Economic Development Zone in the center of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. The geographical advantages provide the company with vast opportunities for fast development.

Jushi Group Co., Ltd is specialized in the production of fiberglass. As the largest fiberglass manufacturer in Asia, for many years the company has been holding the leading position in the fiberglass industry in terms of output, technology, market, market share and economic efficiency. Jushi Group is a backbone enterprise and a Clean Plant of Zhejiang Province and has the only “Postdoctoral Workstation in Enterprise” in north Zhejiang

Jushi Group presently has total assets of over 11 billion yuan and over 10,000 employees and an actual output of over 900,000 ton fiberglass. The company has three fiberglass production bases in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province and Chengdu, Sichuan Province respectively and has established a number of overseas production and trading companies in South Africa, South Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy and India.

Jushi Group mainly produces E-glass and C-glass fiberglass products. The main products of the company are: E-glass and C-glass roving, chopped strands, continuous mats, stitch combo mats and stitch chopped mats, emulsion and powder chopped strand mats, woven roving and electronic yarn and fabrics with over 20 categories and 500 specifications. The products are sold to over 30 provinces in China and exported to nearly 100 countries and regions including North America, Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa with the export volume accounting for 50% of the total sales volume.

Jushi Group is a “China Highest-Credibility Enterprise” and a “National Advanced Enterprise for Quality Management” and its testing center has been certified by CHINA NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD FOR LABORATORIES. The brand “Jushi” is a “Top Brand ”in China and its main products have been certified by DNV, LR and GL.

The fiberglass products of Jushi Group have wide applications and, as a functional or structural material, can be used to manufacture FRP profiles, pipes, pressure vessels, chemical tanks, sanitary apparatus, boat hulls, automobile parts, sports equipment, engineering plastics and construction. The electronic yarn products can be used to manufacture the base fabric of PCB.

Jushi Group adheres to the managerial policy of “Apply science and technology to seek development. Build up the brand name to expand market share. Strengthen management to promote efficiency. Employ talents to boost the capacity for future growth”. The company has owned the proprietary world-class core technologies for large E-glass fiber furnaces, C-glass fiber furnaces and waste fiber recycling furnaces . The company has established a worldwide marketing network and has achieved certifications to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO12001and ISO17025 which has laid the solid basis for the company to grow strong and big.

At present Jushi group has already become the largest fiberglass manufacturer in the World. The new strategic goal of Jushi Group is that, by the year 2012, the company will complete the construction of the 600,000ton fiber glass production base in Tongxiang, Zhejiang province, the 300,000ton/year production base in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province and the 600,000 ton/year base in Chengdu, Sichuan province, and establish new overseas locations with a combined annual capacity of 120,000 ton to reach a total capacity of 1,500,000 ton/year accounting for 25% of the world total fiberglass output and maintain the leadership position in the world fiberglass industry.

Jushi people will stick to its core values of “Behavior, Innovation, Responsibility, Learning, Enthusiasm” and construct the company into an international group corporation with leading scale, advanced technology, talented team, excellent management, powerful execution, good achievement and fast growth. For the world fiberglass, look to China and for China fiberglass, look to Jushi! As the industrial leader in China. Jushi Group will shoulder the responsibilities for developing Chinese fiberglass industry and has kept improving itself with science and technology and developing the industry for the nation. The constant pursuit for innovation and excellence will drive forward Jushi for endless progresses and usher in a new era for China fiberglass industry.
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