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Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co., Ltd.
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  Company Profile
Founded on June 1994 by the name of "Nantong Huatai Co., Ltd" and changed the name to "Jiangsu Jiuding Group Co., Ltd" on September 1995, and rechanged the name to "Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co., Ltd" on May 2005, the company, as a holding company of "Jiangsu Jiuding Group", has a registered capital of RMB60.00 million (USD8.0 million), mainly specialized in manufacture fiberglass yarn and its fabrics, fiberglass finished products, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics) products, building and decorative reinforced material and the like. Boast itself as "National Outstanding New and High Technology Enterprise", the company, ranked at the head of national Fiberglass and its relevant products field, is "National worthwhile Enterprise", "One of Chinese 100 top Building Material Enterprises", "National Appointed Manufacturer for producing special fiberglass cloth used on aerospace", "National Appointed Manufacturer for producing fiberglass Geo-grid". Persevered in marketing oriented practice, based itself upon the field of textile fiberglass intensively processed products, break a innovation development path, the company has been, in three years succession, one of the top three strength enterprise among Chinese fiberglass industry and that of the first among Chinese textile fiberglass industry field. As a Chinese fiberglass intensively processed base, more than 70% of its products export to oversea market and win the excellent brand imagine at home and abroad, for example "Tripot" brand fiberglass Geo-grid has the honor tile of "Chinese Famous Product", "Tripot" brand Textile fiberglass products, of the "Jiangsu Province’s famous product" and "Tripot" brand, of the "Jiansu Province famous Trade Mark". Mr. Gu Qingbo, the president, is the vice director of Chinese Fiberglass Industry Association. The main products of the company: Among fiberglass products are fiberglass reinforced clothe and discs for grinding wheel, fiberglass self-adhesive mesh tape, E-glass fiberglass fabrics, fiberglass alkali-resistant mesh, High silicon fabrics, weave roving, fiberglass geo-grid, fiberglass decorating wall covering, sanding screen; Among FRP products are grating, flange, tank, military antenna, planter, taper pole, section bars and the like. They have formed a textile fiberglass products system as principal, among which there are grinding wheel reinforced series, building reinforced series, decorating and finishing series, road reinforced series, special fiber series, filtering and thermal insulating series. Owning intellectual property system that centered by fiberglass modified technology, textile technology, and surface treatment technology. There are 7 products elected as National key and new product, 8 as Jiangsu New and high-tech products, 16 products (technology) gained National patents. The company, as an ISO9001 quality Management System Certificate enterprise, has participated in drafting 9 National and professional Standards. Has invested RMB350.00 million (USD45.75 million) to build Chinese fiberglass intensively processed base, the company now own a 10000 tons annually fiberglass tank furnace, as a first fully electronic melting furnace in China, has been put into production. Consequently, the production capacity has substantially increased and its products quality has greatly improved. The company has entered its stock listed plan stage.
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